Le chant de l’alouette

Discover the songs and melodies of New France !

Four artists transport you to Canada’s pioneer days through the songs and tunes that underscored family life in early New France. These are the songs and melodies of our great-grandparents, sung and played for their children and passed down through generations, to be shared as a special piece of heritage.

Target Audience : 3 to 5 years old / 6 to 10 years old
Concert Length : 35 minutes / 55 minutes
Maximum Audience : 200 people
Language: French

Nominated at the 22nd Opus Awards for Production of the Year – Young Audiences

A JMC co-production with L’Atelier du conte en musique et en images

Philippe Gélinas, violin, mandolin, zither, dulcimer, hurdy gurdy and voice
Lise Roy, narration and voice
Laurence Beaudry, violin, viola, mandolin and voice
Chantal Simard or Léo Guiollot, percussion and voice
Philippe Gélinas
Véronique Marcotte
François Beauchemin, crankie
Maude Laterreur, watercolours 
** This concert is offered as part of our Musical Escapades series, from June 1st to 5, 2020, at the Joseph Rouleau Hall of JMC’s André Bourbeau House.
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