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Make a DonationSince its creation in 1984, the JM Canada Foundation has raised over $12 million. Through the returns from these funds and the resources obtained through donations and fundraising activities, the Foundation ensures the continuity of Jeunesses Musicales Canada (JM Canada) as well as the career development of young Canadian musicians. The Foundation actively contributes to the realization of JM Canada’s projects in order to support the organization’s activities.

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Explore Foundation’s various types of donations and their advantages

  • Planned Giving

Making a planned gift is simple. It is a donation, either immediate or in the future, that is the subject of careful consideration. You do not need to be a tax expert or wealthy. You simply need to have the willingness to leave a legacy that ensures the continuity of Jeunesses Musicales Canada, promoting artistic discovery and the blossoming of tomorrow’s artists. Making a planned gift means that we assist you in choosing the option that best suits you personally, family-wise, and from a tax perspective.

Make a DonationYou deeply feel the impact of the mission of the JM Canada Foundation and aspire to contribute to the blossoming of future musical talents. Whether you already have life insurance or are considering getting one, you can use this financial instrument to demonstrate the importance you place on the JM Canada Foundation.

A donation through life insurance allows you to build a legacy in line with your principles at reasonable costs. You can choose to add the JM Canada Foundation as a beneficiary of your policy or transfer the ownership to it, ensuring a bright future for young talents.

  • A donation through life insurance maximizes the value of your contribution, with the possibility of receiving a tax receipt for yourself or for the benefit of your estate.
  • Your memorable gesture shapes the future of JM Canada.
  • Discuss with your insurer, and then get in touch with the JM Canada Foundation, which will guide you through the next steps.

Make a donation

Make a DonationImagine making a major donation in culture, a rewarding adventure. Your first major cultural donation is encouraged by the government of Quebec with an additional 25% tax credit. This is an opportunity to support the arts while reducing your taxes.

If the idea of leaving your mark in culture while enjoying tax benefits appeals to you, now is the perfect time to contribute to the Quebec cultural scene.

  • If this is your first major cultural donation, you may be eligible for an additional tax credit for a major cultural donation. The donation must be made in cash, in an amount ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.
  • To benefit from an additional tax credit, the donation must have been made by an individual (excluding trusts) after July 3, 2013.
  • Contact the JM Canada Foundation, which will guide you through the next steps.

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Make a donation

Make a DonationIf you are an investor holding publicly traded securities, you have the opportunity to maximize the impact of your donation, as you understand that it can play a crucial role in the life of a young artist. Your donation is much more than a financial contribution; it represents a catalyst for transformation within the music community.

Donating publicly traded securities is tax-advantageous: no capital gains tax and a tax receipt for the full market value. A thoughtful strategy to support a cause that is dear to your heart.

  • Your donation will directly contribute to supporting and inspiring talented children and young artists.
  • Consult your financial advisor and contact the JM Canada Foundation so that we can guide you through the entire process.

Make a donation

Make a DonationClassical music has played a significant role in your life or that of a loved one, and you are passionate about preserving this musical heritage for future generations. Express your deep gratitude towards classical music, which has left an indelible mark on your life, by considering including the JM Canada Foundation in your will.

A legacy gift allows you to write your story, ease the financial burden on your loved ones, and create a lasting legacy that aligns with your values.

  • A testamentary gift is revocable and can be modified at any time. Your estate will receive a tax receipt for the value of your donation.
  • The legacy you leave behind will spread the joy of classical music to future generations.
  • To make a testamentary gift, contact the JM Canada Foundation to inform us of your intention and add a clause to your will specifying the donation you wish to make.

Make a donation

  • Other types of donations

Your donation can be made in several instalments and by various means (cheque, credit card, cash).

*Tax receipts are issued for donations of $20 or more.

Make a donation

Making a donation to the JM Canada Foundation in memory of someone who has passed on allows you to convey your condolences to family members while making a gesture of generosity that will directly support emerging artists and make music more accessible for all.

*Upon request, we can also send an “In Memoriam” donation form to the funeral parlor of your choice and send the grieving family a sympathy card letting them know that a donation has been made in memory of their loved one.

Make a donation

Become a partner of the JM Canada Foundation and benefit from tax advantages or increased visibility.

Companies can choose various ways to contribute to our mission. For example, businesses can:

  • Make an online corporate donation
  • Sponsor benefit events
  • Offer goods and services for fundraising activities (silent auctions, raffles, etc.)
  • Create an in-perpetuity fund in your company’s name
  • Sponsor JM Canada activities, concerts, series

Make a donation

Planned giving is one of the most gratifying and beneficial ways of supporting our organization. These donations are essential to the fulfillment of our mission and allow us to plan our activities and our long-term development.

The JM Canada Foundation can accept planned donations through such means as:

  • Estate bequests
  • Donations of securities or property
  • Donations of life insurance

As well as through the management of endowment funds.

You are not obliged to inform us of your bequest, but if you wish to do so, we can let you know how your donation will be used.

For more information, please contact the JM Canada Foundation or speak to your financial advisor.

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Support your JMC Chapter

Centers JM Canada are a network of passionate ambassadors of musical culture across eastern Canada. United by their dedication to promoting classical music, these enthusiastic volunteers collaborate to organize unique concerts, spreading the pleasures of the musical arts within their respective communities. Through their vast network, they weave a harmonious thread linking music lovers of all horizons to the enriching world of classical music.

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Please send your check to the order of:

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Jeunesses Musicales Canada Foundation
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By phone

Please call us at :

514 845-4108 Ext. 224

The JM Canada Foundation is eligible for the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec’s Mécénat Placements Culture program, as well as Heritage Canada’s fund matching program.

Our team will provide professional guidance for all types of donations. For more information, the JM Canada Foundation, at 438 868-0853 (monday to thursday) or


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