Laetitia-Cyr Scholarships

Through the Laetitia-Cyr Scholarship Fund, Jeunesses Musicales New Brunswick offers scholarships every two years to New Brunswick young musicians wishing to pursue advanced training in classical music. These activities may include taking part in a masterclass, attending a music camp or participating in a national or international competition or a related music project. 




The Laetitia-Cyr Fund

Created in 2000 to pay tribute to a great lady of the cultural scene in Atlantic Canada, the purpose of the Laetitia-Cyr Fund is to assist young emerging artists in classical music in New Brunswick. The past scholarship recipients are:

  • Martine Jomphe (Hanwell), piano
  • Jack Smith (Florenceville-Bristol), saxophone
  • Hanna Wilson (Fredericton), trombone
  • Carlo Comier (Dieppe), baryton
  • Brooklyn Duffie (Fredericton), piano
  • Martine Jomphe (Hanwell), piano
  • Sasha Léger (Dieppe), composer
  • Conor P. Britt (Rothesay), cello
  • Justin Demers (Fredericton), piano
  • Naomi Ford (Riverview), flute
  • Martine Jomphe (Hanwell), piano
  • Jonathan Lagacé (Petit Rocher), flute
  • Minage Masui (Sackville), piano
  • Sarah Sharpe (Woodstock), singer
  • D’Arcy Blunston (Grand-Sault), voice
  • Sumira Bothé (Moncton), violin
  • Conor P. Britt (Rothersay), cello
  • Sienna Cho (Fredericton), violin
  • Mélanie Cosman (Moncton), trumpet
  • Sophie Dupuis (Edmundston), composition
  • Hiroko Hanamura (Sackville), piano
  • brothers Jinmyung, Sumyung and Jinwon Jang (Fredericton), violin


Laetitia-Cyr Scholarships

About Ms. Laetitia Cyr
Mrs. Laetitia Cyr (1931-1999), born Thériault, held a B.A. from Collège Notre-Dame d’Acadie and a B.A. in Education from the Université de Moncton.
The first woman to hold the position of program director of Radio-Canada Atlantic, Mrs. Cyr made a very significant contribution to the development of arts and culture in Acadie through a radio station that she wanted to be of high quality for all francophones in Atlantic Canada. In 1978, she became director of the French-language radio in Atlantic Canada, a position she held until her retirement in 1994. Broadcasting was a profession that fascinated her as much as her pronounced taste for classical music.
During her 30 years with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Atlantic Canada, Mrs. Cyr promoted our classical musicians and singers by regularly broadcasting their concerts on the regional and national networks.
Along with Fernand Arsenault, she co-founded the Arthur LeBlanc Quartet, which was in residence at the Université de Moncton for many years. Together with Claudette Thériault of Dalhousie and Lyne Raymond of Campbellton, she founded JMNB in 1996. She made an exceptional contribution to the development of the JMNB movement.

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