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Testimonial Sandra and Alain Bouchard Foundation 

« By supporting Jeunesses Musicales Canada and its Foundation, we contribute directly to the development of young Canadian artists.

This initiative aligns perfectly with our vision of supporting artists at the dawn of their careers, helping them to become established professionals in the music world. » 


Testimonial Peter Mendell 

« It is particularly satisfying and important to find ways to assist young people and to support all aspects of the artistic community, especially at times when we are dealing with so many troubling events around the world. 

Jeunesses Musicales Canada and its Foundation provides a great and special way to focus on many of the important things in life, and I have been the beneficiary of great pleasure as an observer and collaborator with many of the devoted talented people at the foundation who devote their time to make the foregoing a reality. 

Thanks to these wonderful people, I am proud of the help and support that the Prix Peter Mendell has been able to provide to many aspiring musicians over the years. » 


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