The Foundation


The principal mission of the JM Canada Foundation is to support JM Canada’s activities that promote the dissemination of classical music, especially to young audiences, and help develop the careers of young professional artists and composers, both nationally and internationally.

The Foundation also awards scholarships to the most promising young Canadian musicians from the funds it collects.

Who are the JM Canada ?



  • 2015 : First edition of the Coup de cœur Evening
  • 2010 : First handing of the Choquette-Symcox Award
  • 2005 : First handing of the Prix Peter Mendell Award
  • 1999 : Creation of the AIDA Fund (Fonds d’aide aux artistes)
  • 1993 : First edition of the dinner concert of Dunham
  • 1984 : Foundation (on November 16)
  • 1980 : First edition of the auction dinner

History of the JM Canada

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