About us

Our Mission

At Jeunesses Musicales Canada, we believe that we can bring the spark of the classical world* to diverse audiences by empowering young professional musicians to develop their careers.

Through discovery, we are committed to presenting and producing concerts and musical activities designed to raise awareness and understanding of the classical world among young people aged 0 to 16.

We are committed to nurturing young Canadian musicians (instrumentalists, singers, and composers) through concert tours, among other initiatives, giving priority to their development on the national stage, without ruling out one-off international projects.


Our Vision

Our dream is to make the classical world a part of everyday life by giving young artists the opportunity to spark passion.


Our Values


We invite you to join us for a rich, creative, entertaining, and engaging cultural experience.


Through dynamism and innovation, we give the next generation an opportunity to play an important role in the promotion of the classical world.


We offer a space to cooperate, collaborate, encourage participation, transmit passion and knowledge, and promote exchange and learning.


We work to make the classical world accessible by listening to different communities and promoting diversity in all its forms.


* While firmly rooted in the great tradition of Western classical music, we are also eager to explore the traditional music of other cultures (China, India, etc.) and to include jazz in our musical approach, while excluding popular music.


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