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A non-profit organization, Jeunesses Musicales Canada (JMC) has a dual mission: to promote the performance of classical music, especially for young audiences, and to help young professional instrumentalists, singers and composers to develop their careers at the national and international levels.
JMC’s contribution to the Canadian music scene is immense.

Thanks to a network of several hundred volunteers that hosts its touring productions, JMC became one of the first organizations to present professional calibre concerts in outlying regions far from major urban centres. In so doing, since its inception, JMC has presented tens of thousands of concerts to young audiences, families, and the general public from coast to coast across Canada.

Since its foundation, JM Canada has organized concert tours for most of Canada’s leading young artists, including well-known names such as Joseph Rouleau, Maureen Forrester, Marek Jablonski, the Orford Quartet, Louis Quilico, James Campbell, André Moisan, Aline Kutan, James Ehnes, Marie-Nicole Lemieux and many others.


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