Giggle and Stomp !

Discover sounds that will make you laugh, and rhythms that will get you dancing! 

Have you ever explored the fascinating world of percussion instruments? Even our bodies are musical instruments, so anyone can play! Did you know there are many different ways to produce a sound? Well, there are: hitting, sweeping, shaking, scratching and clashing. Playing percussion instruments is so much fun! But watch out, with Bruno and Marton, you have to keep the beat. 


Discover our Educational Outings  

Target Audience : 3 to 6 years old and 7 to 12 years old
Concert Length: 40 minutes
Maximum Audience: 200 people
Languages : English or French

Marton Maderspach and Bruno Roy, percussion

Bruno Roy and Janic Gingras 

Catherine Goerner Potvin

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