Launch of the Do Mi Si La Do Ré (Home Sweet Home) Contest

Posted by jmc | April 20, 2020

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Launch of the Do Mi Si La Do Ré (Home Sweet Home) Contest

Press Release
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LAUNCH OF THE Do Mi Si La Do Ré (Home Sweet Home) CONTEST

First prize of $10,000!

Montreal, April 20, 2020: Concerned and attentive to the needs of musicians in these difficult times, the JM Canada Foundation (FJMC) has decided to help artists by creating the Do Mi Si La Do Ré Contest (Home Sweet Home). While these few notes protect us from being infected by COVID-19, they become a source of inspiration for artists who, more than ever, are eager to perform and be heard by the public.  The grand winner of this exceptional competition will win a $10,000 grant.

Are you under the age of 30 and a classical music instrumentalist, singer or composer who would like to create and perform on the theme of confinement?

Our contest invites you to compose and perform a piece of music of 3 minutes or less on the theme of the musical phrase Do Mi Si La Do Ré (Home Sweet Home).



  • As an individual or as an ensemble (in this case, the recording of the composition will have to be done by videoconference. No gatherings will be accepted).
  • Create and perform a composition including the musical phrase Do Mi Si La Do Ré (C E B A C D)
  • Submit your video HERE and register via our online form HERE

Application deadline: Wednesday, May 13, 2020, at 12:00 a.m.

*No registration fee





The contest will consist of 3 main steps:

  1. The JM Canada Foundation will publish videos, meeting the requirements, online, May 20, 2020.
  2. Ten of the submitted videos will be selected for the final round. The score will be based on the public’s vote (50%) and jury’s notation (50%). Participants will have from May 20 to June 14, 2020, to promote their video to their networks to collect as many votes as possible.
  3. The ten selected videos will be scored once more, by a jury composed of some of the biggest names in Canadian Classical Music.



The JM Canada Foundation is pleased to announce that more than $25,000 will be awarded in grants through this competition.

First prize: $10,000

Second prize: $5,000

Third prize: $3,000

The remaining seven finalists will receive a $1,000 grant each.

*For candidacies with more than one participant, grants will be divided according to the number of musicians listed on the form.



The JM Canada Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to raise, create and administer funds to: 

  1. Support the mission of JM Canada: to promote the discovery of classical music to young audiences and to support the career development of young classical musicians on the national stage.
  2. Support the career development of young Canadian musicians.


The JM Canada Foundation would like to extend special thanks to its partners:

JM Canada, the Canimex Canadian Music Competition


For more information about the contest, please visit our website:


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Gabrielle Blackburn, Executive Director      

JM Canada Foundation

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