Percussion – NEW

Make a multi-sensory and multi-performance instrument!

Equipped with string, glue and various everyday objects, children build their own “5-in-1” percussion instrument that they will enjoy shaking, hitting, strumming, rubbing and banging! A great way to practice their dexterity and coordination. And then, full steam ahead with the band!

Held in your establishment and available on the dates of your choice!
Target Audience : 3 to 4 and 7 to 12 years old
Length : 55 minutes 
Maximum number of participants : Ages 3 to 6 : 16 children (or 20 in school) / Ages 7 to 12 : 20 children (30 in school)
Language : English or French 

Conception : Christophe Montoya and Aurélie Négrier

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