The Beginnings of Bing Bang! – Digital

Go on a mission to retrace the development of rhythm, looking at several musical traditions from around the world.

Today’s a big, big day for percussionists and good friends Marton and Bruno! Marton is looking for a new rhythm for a musical number that has to be ready for that same night, and Bruno wants to play in a big parade but has no idea what instruments to bring… Racking their brains, the two friends will do whatever
they can to drum up some ideas… right before our eyes and ears! They will explore all sorts of percussion – the cajón, guiro, claves, surdo, bodhran, djembe – and all sorts of countries and regions around the world – Peru, Spain, Cuba, Ireland, the Caribbean, the United States, Africa… and, of course, Québec!
But will Marton and Bruno manage to find the right rhythm by the end of this highly colourful day?

1 verion available for 7 to 12 year olds
Concert Length: 40 minutes
Languages: French and English
Original concert finalist at the 23rd Opus Awards for Production of the Year – Young Audiences
Marton Maderspach and Bruno Roy, percussion
Original version
Alain Gauthier
Pascal Blanchet
Pierre-Luc Boudreau

Screen adaption

Marie-Julie Parent

Francis Maheu


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Discover percussions !

The Beginnings of Bing Bang!
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