Octaves Evening

Octaves Evening

Fundraising event for young philanthropists

JM Canada thanks everyone that was present to our first-ever Octaves Benefit Evening, held on Thursday, November 14, 2019, at the Maison André-Bourbeau of JM Canada.


The Objectives

In collaboration with Espace Transition at CHU Ste-Justine, we want to enable percussion workshops based on the rhythmic circle principle in order to develop new strategies for managing emotions, promote psychosocial adaptation for young people with mental health problems and provide them with a positive experience using the artistic creation process. 

Around a cocktail reception and in a relaxed atmosphere, young philanthropists supported our project to humanize hospital care for adolescents !



Musical performance by Waqay Duo, JM Canada artists !

Alejandro Vega & Gabriela Iznardo,  guitars

Discover the latent Latin energy that burns within! This feisty guitar duo draws on its Cuban, Argentinean and Peruvian background and classical training to bring you a fresh take on Latin American music. With their meticulous delivery of this catchy, energetic folk music, these two Hispanic Canadians will make you fall in love with the exotic rhythms and melodies of the tango, guaguancó and choro. This concert will make you want to sing, laugh, cry and dance along!



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