La voix humaine by Poulenc and Je chante la nuit & other melodies

In co-production with the Festival d’opéra de Québec

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La voix humaine by Poulenc and Je chante la nuit & other melodies


In this double bill in which the comedy gives way to human tragedy, Poulenc’s La voix humaine takes on an almost veristic meaning, as a broken relationship is woven through the mundane language of a telephone conversation. In this distressful monologue, a woman attempts to speak to her lover over the phone, slowly laying bare her sadness and pain at being abandoned. In the first half, a singer performs a selection of French mélodies, its levity juxtaposed against the lyrical tragedy of the second half. In this way, French operetta arias are brought into harmony with Poulenc’s La voix humaine in a rich, daring, and contrasting vocal concert.



Festival d’Opéra de Québec on July 26 and 28, 2024
On tour : September 19 to 25, 2024, and October 28 to November 15, 2024



The human voice – Elisabeth St-Gelais, soprano in Quebec City
The human voice – Lucie St-Martin, soprano on tour
Je chante la nuit – Olivier Bergeron, baritone
Rebecca Klassen-Wiebe, piano on tour, and for Je chante la nuit in Quebec City
Louise Pelletier, piano for The human voice in Quebec City



Stage direction : Thomas Lussier
Assistant stage director and tour manager : Yannik Larivée
Musical direction : Louise Pelletier
Scriptwriting of Je chante la nuit : Pascal Blanchet 
Lighting design : Nat Descôteaux
Hairstyle and make-up design : Marjorie Hardy
Set designer and accessories : Vivienne Angélique
Set designer – costumes : Émily Wahlman
Technical direction : Zachary Weibel
Tour direction : Jean Sabourin
Lighting manager : Nat Descôteaux and Zachary Weibel
Surtitles : William Dorais in Quebec City and Jean Sabourin on tour



F. POULENC (1899-1963)

Souviens-toi du dimanche de Versailles*  ÉCOUTEZ

Pardonne-moi, je sais que cette scène est intolérable*  ÉCOUTEZ

Mais non, mon chéri, ce n’est pas du tout pareil*   ÉCOUTEZ


C. SAINT-SAËNS (1935-1921)

La cigale et la fourmi**  LISTEN


* Audio file recorded by Kirsten Leblanc (soprano) and Esther Gonthier (piano).
** Audio file recorded by Olivier Bergeron (baritone) and Esther Gonthier (piano).
Recording and editing by Pierre Léger.

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