Launch of the annual campaign of the Jeunesses Musicales Canada Foundation

Posted by jmc | October 4, 2023

This year, the theme of the Jeunesses Musicales Canada Foundation’s annual campaign is the 75th anniversary of Jeunesses Musicales Canada (JM Canada). Indeed, on August 23, 2024, JM Canada will celebrate its 75th anniversary. The 2024-2025 season will therefore be in festive mode! Several special events will mark the 2024-2025 season, including special concerts and family events.   

Jeunesses Musicales Canada: 75 years of history  

Over the years, JM Canada has changed the cultural and musical scene in Canada’s regional communities. Celebrating this event is therefore an opportunity for our organizations to write the story of this wonderful adventure, of our achievements, from the vision of our founder, Gilles Lefebvre, when he founded JM Canada and the Orford Arts Centre in 1949, right up to the present day.  

This will be an opportunity to share broadly the evolution of JM Canada’s activities, our achievements, and to set out the vision that will guide JM Canada in the years to come.  

It will also be an opportunity to thank and highlight all those who have supported JM Canada’s activities: donors, governments, music-loving philanthropists, broadcasters, partners, schools, music associations, conservatories and music schools in Quebec and other Canadian provinces.  

Last but not least, it’s an opportunity to highlight and involve some of the artists who have benefited from the support of JM Canada and the Fondation, and who have gone on to launch successful careers. 

Jeunesses Musicales Canada: 75 years of musical spark for the next generation  

For 75 years, JM Canada has provided young musicians with the resources and opportunities to develop their talents, nurture their passions and pursue their dreams. They have helped launch the careers of many nationally and sometimes internationally renowned musicians, such as Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Marc Hervieux, James Ehnes, Stéphane Tétrault and Charles-Richard Hamelin, thanks in part to their Concerts relève tours.   

Jeunesses Musicales Canada also plays an essential role in promoting musical education and appreciation among Canada’s youth, including children from disadvantaged backgrounds, to stimulate their development through concerts and workshops created especially for them. 

Celebrate Jeunesses Musicales Canada’s 75th anniversary with us  

This year, the Jeunesses Musicales Canada Foundation is asking for your help in planning celebrations fitting to the 75th anniversary of JM Canada. We need your support to ensure the success of these events, so that they inspire young Canadian musicians for years to come.   

By donating to the Jeunesses Musicales Canada Foundation today, you’re helping JM Canada support the next generation, and continue the musical education and appreciation in Canada for the next 75 years!  


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