One free concert to celebrate spring

Posted by jmc | May 5, 2022

The pandemic keeps asking us to adapt and offer new ways to showcase emerging artists. This season, we had to shorten or cancel some of our tours, but no matter!

We have created two digital concerts to offer you two free musical moments. In this spring time, we offer you a first concert, French Kitsch.

Stay tuned for a second concert a little later in our cultural season!

The Musical Salons of the Belle Époque

Chandeliers, lace and embroidery, feathered hats and silk gloves: welcome to a Parisian salon of the Belle Époque. The soprano Cécile Muhire and the pianist Carl Matthieu Neher offer you French kitsch, a charming theatrical concert, with the sweet flavours of cabaret and Parisian salons.

We are immersed in an old-fashioned atmosphere, where sublimating everyday life, an ode to the ephemeral, dreams of Orientalism or whimsical explorations of language are all distinctive features of this period of great creative ebullience, which retains its charm and freshness for the modern listener.

Between Cécile and Carl Matthieu’s light-hearted and comical exchanges, listen to their interpretations of unusual works from Hahn to Satie, via Fauré or Debussy, Chaminade and Viardot.

French Kitsch is offered for free in our media library until June 30, 2022.

We wish you an enjoyable listening experience!

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