Do-It-Yourself – Guitar

Build a colourful guitar!

In this workshop, children will use their creativity to build a guitar out of simple materials. While learning about how the strings, sound box and tuning pegs work, they’ll get to choose the shape of their soundboard and decorate it. Afterwards, an expression activity will show them how guitar players create chords, melody and rhythm.
Held in your establishment and available on the dates of your choice!
Target Audience : 7 to 12 years old
Length : 55 minutes 
Maximum number of participants : 20 children per group (in schools : 30 children) 
Langue de présentation : English or French 
Conception : Christophe Montoya

Online brochures
  • Brochure Young Audience 21-22
  • Brochure Digital Ballads 21-22