Your Wintertime Song

Create a song on the theme of winter!

Using an original melody you’ve invented, knit your song to give as a gift. From the melody to the words that tell us a story, from snowy nursery rhymes that rhyme with creativity to the chorus that stays in our heads, all the tips and tricks are there to make an original invented song and, why not, be invited to the Great Christmas Ball!

1 version offered for 4 to 8 year olds
Concert Length : 4 segments of 8-10 minutes each
Languages : English or French

Recommended concerts (in French only)
Le grand bal de Noël Le grand bal de Noël – Numérique

Conception : Aurélie Négrier
Workshop Leader : Gabriela Iznardo
Contributing musicians : Marc Fortin, Pierre Blais and Jean Sabourin
Guest Artist : Aurélie Négrier

Listen to the song Watch the snowflakes fall here !

Listen to the song «Frozen Lake Waltz» here ! 


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Segment 1 - A Chorus in Mind

In this video, discover how songs are made and create your own snowy chorus! Learn a little melody to create words that will be at the heart of your song.

Segment 2 - Cute sounds, sublime rhymes!

Songs tell stories and words are important. Find the rhymes in your song and create your winter verses.

Segment 3 - Emotions and music

Music is an important element in a song because it has the power to bring all kinds of emotions to life. In this segment, interpret your words and choose the mood of your song.

Listening Exercice A
Listening Exercice B
Listening Exercice C

Segment 4 - Decorate your song

We have created for you some variations of the soundtrack on the theme of winter. You can find the music that best suits your text and your story to finalize your song!


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