Wolfie the Prodigy – Digital

Let yourself be transported into the fabulous world of Mozart!

At the age of 4, little Wolfie is already composing his first musical works! How can that be? In this workshop, children will discover the genius of Mozart by creating, singing and having fun. Guided by three musicians and one inquisitive specialist, they will learn more about the violin, the piano, the clarinet and all of this incredible composer’s works.

For 6 to 10 year olds
Duration of each workshop: 4 segments of 10 to 15 minutes each
Language of presentation: French and English
Creation and Concept: Aurélie Négrier
Contributing artists: Amélie Fortin, Amélie Lamontagne et David Perreault
Host: Aurélie Négrier (in French) and Gabriela Iznardo (in English)

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A Wild Imagination
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