Flutastic for all – Digital

For 7 to 12 year olds

This workshop presents the recorder and its thousand and one facets: its history, its composers, and its various forms over the eras.

Young audiences discover this fascinating instrument when they meet four virtuosi with a passion for the recorder. On the agenda of this preparatory workshop for the concert Recorders on the Run, you’ll find listening games, breathing exercises, tongue twisters, rhythmic activities, and even dancing! 

Discover the more advanced version for aspiring recorder players here.

Recommended concerts
Recorders on the Run Recorders on the Run – Digital 


Duration of each workshop: 4 segments of 10 to 12 minutes each
Language of presentation: French and English


Creation and Concept : Aurélie Négrier
Contributing artists: Marie-Claude Codsi, Vincent Lauzer, Marie-Laurence Primeau, Alexa Raine-Wright et Caroline Tremblay
Host: Aurélie Négrier (in French) and Gabriela Iznardo (in English)



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Music for the soul
Magic recorders
Early music and dance
Tongue twisters and harmony
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