Partners and Donors – Do Mi Si La Do Ré (Home Sweet Home) Contest

The JM Canada Foundation would like to extend special thanks to Jeunesses Musicales Canada and the Canimex Canadian Music Competition.



Presto –
10,000$ and more

C’est beau la vie

Fondation Sibylla Hesse


Allegro – 5,000$ to 9,999$

Banque Nationale du Canada


Jacques Desnoyers

Fondation famille Lupien

Réal Raymond

Fondation WPCD


Andante – 1,000$ to 4,999$


Marc David et Diane Lamoureux

Remy Therrien

Luc Villeneuve

David and Ruth Steinberg

Larghetto – 5$ to 999$

André Boulanger

Maria Casas

Martha Casas

René Chaput

Raymond Cloutier

Pierre Corbeil

Denis Falardeau

Reynald Harpin

Rachel Houde

Pierre L’Espérance

Luzo Lozano

Jean-Luc Malo

Jocelyn Proteau

Louise Provost

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