Lute, Friend of Kings

The Renaissance’s most popular instrument, the lute captivated audiences with its exotic yet refined and ethereal sound. The best lutenists were like rock stars, travelling across Europe and performing in the biggest venues: the royal castles. Kings and queens, who played the lute themselves, commissioned pieces from the greatest composers of the day.

Four hundred years later, lutenist Madeleine Owen invites you to discover this delicate and rafined instrument throught its timeless design and enchanting melodies. Sing canons heard at the French court, decode timeless scores unearthed in Elizabeth I of England’s castle, and listen to some of Christian IV of Denmark’s favourite music. 

Target Audience: 3-5 years old / 6-10 years old
Concert Length: 35 minutes / 55 minutes
Maximum Audience: 100 people
Languages: French and English
Madeleine Owen, lute and theorbo
Madeleine Owen and François Racine
François Racine
Danaëlle Lareau
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