The Music-lovers’ Forest

In the heart of the music-lovers’ forest, all who live and breathe love music and play it!

To the rhythm of Ravel’s Bolero, caretakers Zikmu and Hélène, our two heroes, reveal a wonderful place, right before our very eyes: The Music-lovers’ Forest. Hearing Hélène’s magical incantations—and with some help from her warbling colleague—, the forest begins to stir and come alive. The music our two colourful friends create awakens the inhabitants of this wood made of brooms, rubber gloves, and feather dusters. They meet Sergueï the singing cat, Sarabuga the teary-eyed giant, and a friendly little Chipmunk. As they make their way along, the sensitive and curious Zikmu and Hélène discover sounds and instruments of all kinds.

Join them in this magical world where reality gives way to imagination!

Target audience: 3 to 7 years old



Aurélie Négrier



Aurélie Négrier, actor

Tim S. Savard, trombone



Michel G. Barette

Ève-Lyne Dallaire

Costume design

Leïlah Dufour Forget


Sound Concept

Tim S. Savard

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