French Kitsch


Carl Matthieu Neher, piano
Cécile Muhire, soprano

France, early 20th century. In the intimate and muted atmosphere of a Parisian salon, discover a city in the middle of an artistic transformation. In a lighthearted exchange with the audience, this duo performs quirky, sometimes kitschy, pieces with the sweet melodies of the cabaret. From Hahn to Satie, from Fauré to Debussy, be transported to the most colorful period in Paris, the Belle Époque!


A first look at the repertoire*

R. HAHN (1874-1947)
À Chloris

E. SATIE (1866-1925)
Trois mélodies
1. Les anges

G. FAURÉ (1845-1924)
5 mélodies de Venise, op. 58
1. Mandoline

P. VIARDOT (1821-1910)
6 Mélodies et une havanaise variée à 2 voix
4. Hai Luli!, VWV 1106

*JM Canada reserve the right to modify the repertoire without prior notice.

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