Elisabeth St-Gelais, New music & indigenous poetry

Soprano Elisabeth St-Gelais shares a special moment with her collaborators, established jazz saxophonist Philippe Brochu-Pelletier and percussionist Julien Sagot, who is also a member of the group KARKWA. An opportunity for some improvisation, as well as an all-new work on the theme of Innushkeu (Innu woman), arranged by Elisabeth St-Gelais and inspired by selected poems by Joséphine Bacon from the collection Uiesh (Somewhere).



Elisabeth St-Gelais, soprano
Philippe Brochu Pelletier, saxophone
Julien Sagot, percussion



Innushkeu Suite



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Elisabeth St-Gelais, artiste en résidence






Elisabeth St-Gelais, soprano
Named Radio-Canada’s 2023- 2024 classical breakout artist, in April 2023 Elisabeth St-Gelais completed a master’s degree in the Opera and Voice program at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University. A member of the Innu nation, from the community of Pessamit, she accords immense importance to sharing her culture through her mission as an artist. She made her European debut in the summer of 2022 at the Berlin Opera Academy, in the role of Rosalinde in the operetta Die Fledermaus. Ms. St-Gelais has performed throughout Canada, notably with the Orchestre symphonique du Saguenay- Lac-Saint-Jean, Orchestre symphonique de la Côte-Nord, I Musici de Montréal, Orchestre de l’Agora, Orchestre symphonique de Québec and Orchestre des Jeunes de Montréal. In 2022, she won McGill University’s prestigious Wirth Vocal Prize, and the Grand Prize in the 19-30 age category at the Canimex Canadian Music Competition. That same year, she was featured in CBC’s prestigious “30 Hot Classical Musicians under 30” list, and in 2023, she was awarded the Prix d’Europe in Montreal and the First prize and Audience Choice at the Center Stage 2023 competition of the Canadian Opera Company. In november 2023, she is the western canada district winner for the MET OPERA LAFFONT COMPETITION. Deeply engaged with the montreal’ musical community, she is since April 2023 part of the boards of directors of the Conseil de la Musique du Québec.

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Philippe Brochu Pelletier, saxophone

Following his graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in jazz performance from the University of Montreal in 2018, Philippe Brochu-Pelletier had the opportunity to perform on numerous stages across Quebec and internationally with a variety of groups and artists such as Julien Fillion (CBC Revelation 2021), Anomalie Big Band, Julien Sagot (Polaris Prize), Fuel Junkie (Quebec representatives at the Memphis Blues Challenge), The Brooks, and Thus Owls. He has performed at several local and international festivals, including the Montreal International Jazz Festival (Canada), the International Jazz Festival of Ciudad Juarez (Mexico), the BIS in Nantes (France), and the Quebecofolies in Huy (Belgium).

Native from Victoriaville, Philippe was introduced to music at a young age by his father, a career musician, and he demonstrated his versatility as a performer from adolescence by winning several classical music competitions as a soloist and chamber musician. After honing his skills in classical saxophone at Cegep de Saint-Laurent, he pursued a degree in jazz performance where he refined his craft under the guidance of Jean-Pierre Zanella and Alexandre Cote. In 2014, Philippe was admitted to the University of Montreal where he studied with Dany Roy, Simon Stone, Ron di Lauro, and Jean- Nicolas Trottier. A recipient of the Sophie Desmarais Big Band Scholarship on numerous occasions, he distinguished himself in performances with the university’s big band and had the opportunity to share the stage with Randy Brecker, Ignacio Berroa, Dave Holland, and Chris Potter.

In 2020, he began a master’s degree in jazz performance and composition at the University of Montreal under the direction of Jean-Nicolas Trottier, who guided him in his project to record a modern jazz album juxtaposing a jazz quartet and a string quartet. Alongside his studies, Philippe is an active composer and performer who seeks to continually expand his musical language by drawing on his experience as an improviser in a variety of contexts. His first self-produced instrumental solo album, which combines wind instruments and electronic effects in a minimalist artistic approach that blends the use of wind instruments with a variety of pedals and synthesizers, was released in the spring of 2024.

Elisabeth St-Gelais, New music & indigenous poetry   Elisabeth St-Gelais, New music & indigenous poetry    Elisabeth St-Gelais, New music & indigenous poetry

Julien Sagot, percussion

Before beginning his musical career as a solo singer-songwriter, Julien Sagot became known as a percussionist and member of Karkwa. The quintet recorded four albums (Le pensionnat des établis, Les tremblements s’immobilisent, Le volume du vent, Les chemins de verre) and became symbolic of Quebec rock. For nearly 15 years, Louis-Jean Cormier, François Lafontaine, Stéphane Bergeron, Martin Lamontagne and Julien Sagot traveled across Quebec and Europe to meet an enthusiastic audience. In 2010, the group won the prestigious Polaris Prize, awarded to the best Canadian album. Never satisfied musically, Julien Sagot collaborates on numerous projects, including Radio Radio, Pierre Kwenders, Fred Fortin, Galaxie and Pawa Up First and Karkwatson.

A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, over the years he has deepened the art of composition and perfected his guitar and piano playing. Karkwa on break, he immerses himself intensely in a process of musical exploration. It was during this period of artistic discovery that he laid the foundations for what would become his career as a singer-songwriter. In 2012, he released his first solo album Piano Mal, under the Simone Records label. The album, co-produced with Simon Angell, was entirely recorded at the legendary La Frette studio in the Paris suburbs with the participation of singer-songwriter Leif Vollebekk and sound engineer Mathieu Parisien.

With Valse 333 (2014) Sagot seeks a more personal, more abrasive sound and flirts with a Franco-Asian aesthetic. His pen is directed towards abstract and contemporary sociology. He works with Antoine Binette-Mercier. The composer, arranger and sound designer therefore became an important accomplice for the rest of Sagot’s artistic journey. The duo put the finishing touches on the album at the Pierre Marchand studio with the participation of Robbie Kuster on drums, Martin Lizotte on keyboards and Fabienne Lucet on piano. Mathieu Parisien is once again in charge of the mix and Étienne Martin creates the cover.

Seeking a heavier, more enveloped sound, but still abrasive and mixed (traditional South American and Asian music, French song, jazz, hip-hop, world beat, electroacoustic music, etc.), the artist refines his characteristic sound signature on Blue Jane (2017). He amalgamates instruments, rhythms and styles from different countries and eras. This time, Antoine Binette-Mercier co-produces, Robbie Kuster is on drums, Mishka Stein on bass, François Lafontaine on keyboards, Frannie Holder on vocals and Marie-Christine Roy on Chinese violin. Peter Van Uytfanck is responsible for mixing the album and Julie Robinson creates the cover. In 2019, Sagot worked on the music for a short film presented as part of the exhibition L’Exhumée de Julie Robinson.

In March 2021, Julien Sagot returns with an eponymous album whose cover is illustrated by a photo taken by Sagot himself of a sculpture by the Italian artist Paola Epifani. During the creative process, he called on François d’Amours (saxophone), Frannie Holder (backing vocals) and Antoine Binette-Mercier (creative mixing), but it was alone that he worked on all the sound, melodic and rhythmic. His sharp pen spares no taboo.

Elisabeth St-Gelais, New music & indigenous poetry   Elisabeth St-Gelais, New music & indigenous poetry    Elisabeth St-Gelais, New music & indigenous poetry   Site web


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