Do Mi Si La Do Ré Contest : New prizes for participants

Posted by jmc | May 27, 2020

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Announcement: New prizes for participants

Montreal, May 27, 2020: Sensitive to several comments and reflections from the participants concerning the analysis of the applications by the pre-selection jury as well as the public vote, the Foundation has decided to adjust the rules of the Do Mi Si La Do Ré Contest. As a non-profit organization and registered charity, the mission of the JM Canada Foundation is to support young up-and-coming musicians in their career development. The Foundation believes in each and every one of you and truly wishes to support you artistically. The Foundation is therefore confident that the changes reflect the wishes expressed.

The changes:

The Do Mi Si La Do Ré Contest will now include two perfectly distinct prizes. All selected videos will participate in each of the two categories: the Jury’s Artistic Award and the Participation Award awarded by popular vote.

Please find below a complete presentation of our two award categories:

THE ARTISTIC PRIZE: works will be judged by pre-selection juries only. All the videos currently online on our platform will be submitted to the 3 pre-selection juries. Each of the 3 juries will be composed of a minimum of 6 members. The distribution of candidates to the 3 juries will be random. Each member will evaluate the applications according to the following criterias:

Originality of the work – Precision of execution – Quality of interpretation – Accuracy – Pleasure in listening Integration of the theme Do Mi Si La Do Ré

1. Each of the three juries will hand in its selection of the top 10 candidates. 2. The 30 successful candidates will be ranked according to their scores. 3. The first 10 finalists will advance to the final round of the competition and will be heard by the Grand Jury.

Each member of the 3 juries is invited to disclose any perceived conflict of interest. The candidate’s score will be weighted on those of the other jury members.

The grants awarded for the artistic prize will be as follows:

First Prize: $10,000
Second prize: $5,000
Third prize: $3,000
The remaining 7 finalists will each receive a $1,000 grant.

The pre-selection jury will be composed of musicians from the orchestras and organizations partnering in the competition, as well as administrators from the Canadian classical music community. The complete list will be available before the end of the public voting period.

It is important to remember that all grants under this component are offered by the JM Canada Foundation and through its major donors and partners. The current campaign on the Fundky platform is therefore unrelated to the grants that will be awarded as part of the Artistic Prize.

The 30 Musicians’ Grant: The funds raised during the Fundky platform voting campaign will be awarded to the 30 candidates who were selected by the 3 pre-selection juries during the second stage of the Competition. The amount of these grants will be defined at the end of the voting campaign, which will end on 14 June 2020. Please note that we want to ensure a minimum amount of $500 for each of theses candidates.

THE PARTICIPATION PRIZE: Participation prizes will be awarded to the three candidates with the highest number of donors (1 donor = 1 vote).

The grants awarded for the Participation Award will be as follows:

First Prize: $3,000
Second prize: $2,000
Third prize: $1,000

All surpluses raised through the fundraising campaign will be used to enhance prizes and bursaries. In fact, all the money raised will be paid to participants of the Do Mi Si La Do Ré Contest.

All donors will receive a communication in the next few days to inform them of the rule changes.

Compilations related to the Competition will be carried out under the supervision of an external accounting firm.

The JM Canada Foundation is confident that the Do Mi Si La Do Ré Competition, organized in an immense spirit of solidarity with young artists, is now in line with the expectations of the musicians it supports. The Foundation wishes good luck to all the candidates and is very happy with the scope of this initiative.


Jeunesses Musicales Canada Foundation

The JM Canada Foundation is a charitable organization that has been supporting the mission of JM Canada for over 35 years. As a partner, it supports their educational mission of dissemination by proudly contributing to the career development of young classically trained musicians and the production and dissemination of Young Audience concerts.

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Gabrielle Blackburn, Executive Director
JM Canada Foundation

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