Launch of the Fonofonies App

Posted by jmc | April 24, 2020

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Launch of the Fonofonies App

Launch of the Fonofonies App

Launch of the Fonofonies App

Launch of the Fonofonies App Launch of the Fonofonies App


Online launch of FONOFONIES, a new innovative pedagogical app on iPad for the learnings of sound creation by COSIMU

Montreal, Avril 17th, 2020 COSIMU, a Montreal based non-profit with for mission to develop digital tools destined to the teachings and learnings of musical creativity, in partnership with the Orchestre Métropolitain and the Jeunesses Musicales Canada announce the public launch of

Launch of the Fonofonies App

The key to music

Online pedagogical resources for the learnings of musical creation


Now available on the App Store for free!

Fonofonies, digital technology at the service of musical teachings in times of isolation.


With over 15 years of experience in developing high quality pedagogical resources for the teachings and learnings of music, COSIMU wished to offer its support to the educational community by developing a free and user friendly tool specifically designed for students to maintain their pedagogical knowledge during confinement. Fonofonies, an adapted version of the application Fonofone for individual use, offers an in-app collection of 33 musical games for iPad. These sessions are grouped into 10 thematic activities suitable to all academic levels. Intuitive and playful, this collection explores different musical concepts while developing the creative act. Fonofonies opens to the possibility of becoming familiar with classical music through musical creation. COSIMU answers to an important need for musical tools directly linked to Quebec schools’ educational curriculum. The  app allows students to consolidate their musical knowledge autonomously and offers an access to precious resources for teachers continuing their work remotely.


Jeunesses musicales Canada, the Orchestre Métropolitain and COSIMU unite to bring support to the music education community

Jeunesses musicales Canada and the Orchestre Métropolitain join forces with COSIMU to produce Fonofonies. Many of the suggested activities found in the app were drawn from tools designed by the institutions in the past year, Classicofone and OMNIfone.

“ Contributions of cultural institutions like the JM Canada and the Orchestre Métropolitain are important assets when creating pedagogical tools like Fonofonies. Classicofone, with its soundbank of music samples derived from recordings courtesy of ATMA Classique, accompanies the users in their exploration of some of the classical repertoire’s greatest musical pieces of the past 500 years. As for, OMNIfone, it is a total immersion in the world of orchestral music! ” Vincent Bouchard-Valentine, Professor at the Department of music at the University of Québec in Montreal (UQAM).

The approach of the activities proposed in Fonofonies was achieved in close collaboration with Hélène Lévesque, music pedagogical advisor for the Montreal school board (Commission scolaire de Montréal, CSDM).

« With a digital tool like Fonofonies, it becomes possible to join classical music and living art music. We worked together to develop a pedagogical resource specifically designed for teachers and students by connecting all three learning competencies explored in our schools’ music curriculum, which are creation, interpretation and appreciation. The strength of this approach lies in the fact that it allows to invent music while opening the door wide on interdisciplinarity, where creative possibilities are endless.”

For the founder of COSIMU, composer Yves Daoust, music is an infinite source of stimulation for creativity and building self esteem :

“ Contributing to the development of our youth’s creativity has always been an integral part of my role as a composer. We founded COSIMU to answer to this aspiration in a concrete way by developing resources which enable direct access to creative process, no matter the level of musical knowledge. ”


COSIMU is a Montreal based non-profit with for mission to contribute to the development of imagination through sound creation. For now over twenty years, composer Yves Daoust and many of his colleagues, notably Alexandre Burton and Félix Boisvert, have been working to create digital tools aimed for this purpose. Additionally, COSIMU’s team are developing pedagogical resources intended for teachers, in collaboration with UQÀM’s Department of Music (Teacher’s guide Fonofone Maestro). This pedagogical approach is the result of more than 5000 interactions with students during the course of hundreds of workshops in Quebec schools and musical camps. By its initiative amongst the public based on openness and participation, COSIMU aims to stimulate creativity and self esteem.

About education at the Orchestre Métropolitain

Every season, the OM offers educational activities that reach over 11,000 students in the Montréal area, from primary school through to university. The OM’s musicians are proud to share their passion for music with a new generation, knowing its importance for young people and the positive role it can play. In partnership with the education community, the OM is proud to offer students various opportunities to experience music to the fullest through its education initiatives, The OM at School and Playing It Forward. It is with this in mind that the Orchestre Métropolitain has partnered with COSIMU to create OMNIfone, a game where players discover the world of symphonic music by creating it themselves using pre-recorded orchestral sounds. This first edition of OMNIfone offers ten different activities allowing players to familiarize themselves with the principal themes and motives of The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky.


About education at Jeunesses Musicales Canada

Jeunesses Musicales Canada: the best of the next generation, for everyone

Jeunesses Musicales Canada is a talent incubator that boosts the careers of the best emerging artists while promoting classical music for audiences of all ages with targeted action towards youth ranging from 6 months to 16 years old. Whether with discovery, creative, or DIY music workshops, music exploration and practice or even exchange with passionate musicians, each JM Canada season includes over 1,200 musical activities presented across Canada adapted to the level and curiosity of the young audiences. In 2019, JM Canada partnered with COSIMU to develop Classicofone which consist of musical interactive activities on a digital tablet. This partnership continues today with the launch of Fonofonies that includes a Classicofone activity.



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