A pan-Canadian tour for emerging artists in 2019-2020

Posted by Webmaster JMC | August 30, 2017

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Montréal, September 8, 2017 – Three Canadian classical music organizations join forces to offer a pan-Canadian tour to an exceptional Canadian emerging artist or musical ensemble in 2019-2020.

Debut Atlantic, Jeunesses Musicales Canada and Prairie Debut are teaming up to build a tour that will span the country. “It will be a first collaboration for our three organizations, and an amazing opportunity for a young Canadian artist or ensemble”, says Mhiran Faraday, Executive Director at Debut Atlantic.

This initiative, uniting the three organizations, is also a way to celebrate two important anniversaries: Jeunesses Musicales Canada’s 70th, and Debut Atlantic’s 40th. “It is a significant milestone for us, and we are very happy to highlight it with a collaboration of this scope”, declares Danièle LeBlanc, Executive and Artistic Director at Jeunesses Musicales Canada.

The tour, set to run between September 2019 and April 2020, should count close to forty performances, taking place across 10 provinces and territories. “Emerging artists very rarely get to play on tours of this scope. We hope to provide an exceptional artist or ensemble with an unique opportunity”, adds Po Yeh, Executive Director at Prairie Debut.

Applicants interested in this tour are invited to submit their electronic application to Jeunesses Musicales Canada, who will manage the applications on behalf of all three organizations. However, all three organizations will be involved in the selection process. All applications must be submitted before October 20, 2017. Candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents and must not have toured with any of the three organizations. The registration form and detailed selection criteria, as well as the complete list of requested documents are available on Jeunesses Musicales Canada’s website, at http://www.jmcanada.ca/en/p/discover-the-jmc/jmc/auditions.



Bringing Canada’s exceptional classical music artists to Atlantic Canadian communities since 1979, Debut Atlantic takes the guess work out of presenting excellence in the genre by curating a five tour season of primarily emerging artists, available to presenters throughout the Atlantic region. Additionally, Debut Atlantic is deeply committed to educational and community engagement activities as well as offering an annual scholarship to an exceptional Atlantic Canadian high school music student.



Jeunesses Musicales Canada (JMC) is a talent incubator that boosts the careers of the best emerging artists, while helping to democratize classical music for audiences of all ages. Today, JMC seasons include over 1 200 musical activities presented across Canada, ranging from high-calibre concerts to exciting musical activities for young audiences.



Prairie Debut brings Canada’s finest musicians to Western Canada’s smaller communities. In doing so, it contributes to community enrichment, audience growth and emerging artist development. Since our first season in 1997, Prairie Debut has developed 54 tours in the professional classical and world music genres, which has enabled 142 artists to perform in the over 80 communities throughout our region. With over 600 full length concerts and hundreds of outreach activities, Prairie Debut has an incredible impact on artists’ career development and community enrichment in western Canada.






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Marie-Philippe M. Lambert
Communications Coordinator
Jeunesses Musicales Canada
514-845-4108 ext. 222

Mhiran Faraday
Executive Director
Debut Atlantic

Po Yeh
Executive Director
Prairie Debut




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