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Jeunesses Musicales du Canada : Concerts, Workshops...

Twice nominated at the Opus Awards!

Our concerts Opera Candy: The Gourmet Adventure of Hansel and Gretel and Le Chant de l'Alouette are nominated in the Production of the Year - Young Audiences category.

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18-19 Emerging Artists Concerts

Discover the concerts on tour in your area in 18-19!

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Emerging Artists Concerts 2019-2020

Discover the concerts on tour in your area in 19-20!

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18-19 Programming

Discover the 18-19 programming for the Joseph Rouleau Hall!

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18-19 Youth Concerts & Workshops

Discover our wide array of activities for young audiences in schools, daycares and concert halls!

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Jan 2019

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305, avenue du Mont-Royal Est
Montréal (Québec)  H2T 1P8
Phone :  +1 (514) 845-4108
Télécopieur : +1 (514) 845-8241
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Jeunesses Musicales du Canada

305, avenue du Mont-Royal Est Montréal, CA-QC CA H2T1P8
+1 (514) 845-4108

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