Choquette-Symcox Award


The Choquette-Symcox Award is the joint initiative of two great music lovers: Fernand Choquette and Peter Symcox.

Created in 2010, this annual prize aims to support the talent and virtuosity of a young Quebec musician in his or her career development. It is accompanied by a $5,000 excellence scholarship.

Each year, the winner is chosen at the discretion of the JM Canada Foundation and Jeunesses Musicales Canada.


List of the laureates

2021 : Marie Nadeau-Tremblay, violin and Dominique Beauséjour-Ostiguy, cello
2019 : Marcel d’Entremont, tenor
2018 : Olivier Bergeron, baritone
2017 : Magali Simard-Galdès, soprano
2016 : Charles Richard-Hamelin, piano
2015 : Jean-Philippe Fortier-Lazure, tenor
2014 : Daniel Clarke-Bouchard, piano
2013 : Stéphane Tétreault, cello
2012 : Marie-Eve Munger, soprano
2011 : Philippe Sly, baritone-bass
2010 : Tomislav Lavoie, bass

Beyond his passions for theater and poetry, Fernand Choquette also had a great interest in classical music. He joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 1955 as a producer-director, and his career remains one of the most accomplished to this day.

A frequent adjudicator at drama festivals, director, set designer and critic Peter Symcox (1925-2022) has written numerous articles for newspapers and periodicals such as The Montreal Star and Opera Canada. Shortly after his arrival in Montreal in 1953, he was hired as a set designer for CBC television and became a music producer.


For more information, please contact the JM Canada Foundation:

438 340-6661


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