Choquette-Symcox Award


The Choquette-Symcox Award is the joint initiative of two great music lovers: Fernand Choquette and Peter Symcox.

Created in 2010, this annual prize aims to support the talent and virtuosity of a young Quebec musician in his or her career development. It is accompanied by a $5,000 excellence scholarship.

Each year, the winner is chosen at the discretion of the JM Canada Foundation and Jeunesses Musicales Canada.


List of the laureates

2021 : Marie Nadeau-Tremblay, violin and Dominique Beauséjour-Ostiguy, cello
2019 : Marcel d’Entremont, tenor
2018 : Olivier Bergeron, baritone
2017 : Magali Simard-Galdès, soprano
2016 : Charles Richard-Hamelin, piano
2015 : Jean-Philippe Fortier-Lazure, tenor
2014 : Daniel Clarke-Bouchard, piano
2013 : Stéphane Tétreault, cello
2012 : Marie-Eve Munger, soprano
2011 : Philippe Sly, baritone-bass
2010 : Tomislav Lavoie, bass

Beyond his passions for theater and poetry, Fernand Choquette also had a great interest in classical music. He joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 1955 as a producer-director, and his career remains one of the most accomplished to this day.

A frequent adjudicator at drama festivals, director, set designer and critic Peter Symcox has written numerous articles for newspapers and periodicals such as The Montreal Star and Opera Canada. Shortly after his arrival in Montreal in 1953, he was hired as a set designer for CBC television and became a music producer.


For more information, please contact the JM Canada Foundation:

438 340-6661


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