A digital media project developed in collaboration with COSIMU, in partnership with ATMA Classique.

Using the Fonophone app, which turns a tablet into a genuine sound lab, young people will work on listening and creation. What better way to discover the great masterpieces than to dive into the music, slow it down, reverse it, alter it, actively engage with it and, above all, to recompose it? With recognition games that cover the concepts of eras and styles, students will listen, transform and create, using a collection of over 100 excerpts of major classical works from the last 500 years.

Held in your establishment and available on the dates of your choice!
Target Audience : from 6 years old
Length: 55 minutes or 180 minutes as a school project
Maximum number of participants : 20 children per group or 30 children per school group 
Languages : English or French


In partnership with ATMA Classique

Available until June 2023

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