Une Veuve joyeuse by Franz Lehàr

In co-production with the Festival d’opéra de Québec

Paris, Embassy of Marsovie. To lift Pontevedro from its economic crisis, a reception is held to persuade the wealthy widow Missia Palmieri to remarry a fellow countryman. Count Danilo seems to be the ideal candidate, especially since they were once very much in love with each other. But after a misunderstanding leads to the end of their romance, how will Danilo and Missia manage to fight their pride and convince each other of their true passion? In a festive Europe where love always wins, enjoy one of the most popular operettas ever written and spend a delightful hour !



Mathilde Duval-Laplante (soprano) : Missia

Sébastien Comtois (tenor) : Prince Danilo

Klara Martel-Laroche (mezzo-soprano) : Nadia

Marc-Antoine Brûlé (tenor) : Camille

Martin Perreault (comédien) : Popoff

Jeffrey Bernier (comédien-chanteur) : D’Estillac 



Stage direction : Alain Gauthier

Musical Direction : Esther Gonthier

Costume Design : Leïlah Dufour-Forget

Set and prop design : Érika Lefebvre

Lighting Design : Anne-Catherine Simard-Deraspe

Makeup and Hair Design : Élène Pearson

Consultant and hairdressing assistant : Maude Groleau

Technical Direction : Jean-Marie Gardien

Technical Direction on Tour : Marie-Hélène Grisé

Assistant to Stage Direction and Tour Manager : Félix Tremblay-Therrien

Tour Director : Jean Sabourin



F. LEHÀR (1870-1948)

Act I: Entrance of Danilo: Pardonne-moi, chère patrie*  LISTEN

Act III: Duo Heure exquise qui nous grise**  LISTEN


*Audio file recorded by Lucie St-Martin (soprano), Geoffrey Schellenberg (baritone) and Esther Gonthier, (piano)
**Audio file recorded by Geoffrey Schellenberg (baritone) and Esther Gonthier, (piano)

Recording and editing by Pierre Léger.

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