La marmite ensorcelée

Offered in French only

In this concert, classical, contemporary and original music casts a spell on little ones. Oops-a-Daisy is a friendly witch. She’s so friendly that she isn’t able to be scary. Not surprising, then, that she never wins the scaring competition held by her fellow witches every Halloween. In order to win the great “That’s So Scary!” competition and gain the respect of the mean witches, she needs to concoct a powerful sound potion that can make ears curl, skeletons dance, and ghosts laugh. But beware –such power could turn against her.

Explore the sometimes humorous, sometimes scary sounds that can be produced with percussion instruments and the voice.

Target Audience : 3 to 7 years old
Concert Length : 45 minutes
Maximum Audience: 200 people
Language : French

A JM Canada coproduction with JULIE SA MUSE

Julie Béchard, percussion
Judith Pelletier
Pierre-Luc Boudreau, Maryse Messier and Stéphan Pelletier

Christine Pageau

Anne-Marie Legault

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