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Heart to Heart - East Tour

In this concert infused with German Romanticism and French Post-Romanticism, secret thoughts and feelings are revealed through music, summoned up by symbolic objects.

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Will to Live - East Tour

Will to Live is a profoundly human concert, incorporating universal themes that are both cathartic and liberating.

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Without Borders - East Tour

From Persian music to Balkan folklore to fresh takes on great classics, this concert transcends borders through an implicit musical multiculturalism.

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The Mathieus’ Piano - West Tour

Embark on a musical journey through the life of André Mathieu, a composer who holds an important place in Canada’s heritage.

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Portraits and Fantasias - West Tour

Come and be captivated by the clear rapport within this clarinet and piano duo as their instruments shine and transform with the music and characters that inhabit it.

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La belle Hélène - East/West Tour

This famous comic opera in three acts describes the zany strategies used by Paris to win Helen over, as well as Helen’s timid attempts at resisting the seductive prince’s advances.

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