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Opera Candy - The Gourmet Adventures of Hansel and Gretel

"My colleagues and I have a crush on Opera Candy. Bravo! The action is well-paced and the performers really seem to be enjoying themselves! A show to see again and again! The witch is fantastic!"
-Nathalie Anctil, teacher, école Saint-Enfant-Jésus

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The Beginnings of Bing Bang!

Go on a mission to retrace the development of rhythm, looking at several musical traditions from around the world.

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Jazz-Noisette - NEW

Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker and the version by the great jazz musician Duke Ellington meet under the mistletoe and take the traditional tale out for a spin in this free adaptation.

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Once a dreamer - NEW

Rediscover the world through the sounds of nature, music and Indigenous song.

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Zoom-Boom-Boom - NEW

An introduction to electroacoustic music for the very young, where an everyday sound becomes a portal to an imaginary world!

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