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Les puces de Stradivarius

Learn about the wondrous art of violinmaking as you travel back to a time of trickery, masquerade, and refined music.

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Opera Candy - The Gourmet Adventures of Hansel and Gretel

"My colleagues and I have a crush on Opera Candy. Bravo! The action is well-paced and the performers really seem to be enjoying themselves! A show to see again and again! The witch is fantastic!"
-Nathalie Anctil, teacher, école Saint-Enfant-Jésus

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Molinari in the Attic

Climb up into the attic and discover the astounding quartet that can translate paintings into… music!

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A journey through the fascinating mythology surrounding the harp throughout various cultural eras.

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The Great Rhythmobile Adventure

"Bruno Roy and Marton Maderspach are accomplished and skilled musicians and excellent teachers and communicators."
-Margaret Williams, School Concerts Coordinator, Fort Town Concert Association

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Opera Candy : The Gourmet Adventures of Hansel and Gretel

"The concert was a huge success! [...] At the end of the performance, parents and children alike shared with us the wonder and magic that filled them." Colin Earp-Lavergne, Assistant - Cultural Events, Arr. Côte-des-Neiges N-D-G

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Recorders on the Run

"The scenography, the musicianship, the acting, everything was remarked by the concertgoers. The other teachers' comments were also glowing!" -Alain Bisson, enseignant

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