Guitar nomads trio


   photo : Évelyne Leblanc-Roberge

» Guitar nomads trio concert - 2012-2013 Desjardins concerts

Alexandre Éthier
Dan Livingstone
Stéphane Tellier

Founded in 2009, the Guitar Nomads trio is made up of three great friends and collaborators. Combining a variety of musical styles—from “manouche” to fingerstyle to Spanish classical guitar—this trio of extraordinary virtuosos has created a new genre by blending its members’ respective styles.

Manouche guitarist Stéphane Tellier is known for having played solo guitar on the score to the film The Triplets of Belleville, as well as for his work with a number of musicians from Quebec and Canada. His solo album was top ranked on the sales charts in the World Music category at Archambault.

Dan Livingstone is recognized on stages throughout Canada and the U.S. for his distinctive style and his in-depth knowledge of ragtime music. With over 1,000 concerts under his belt, Dan Livingstone is without a doubt one of Canada’s greatest fingerstyle guitarists.

Alexandre Éthier, founder and Artistic Director of the Forestare ensemble—which won a Félix Award in the Instrumental Music category in 2007—, is one of the busiest classical guitarists on the Canadian scene. Working on solo projects and with small ensembles, Alexandre Éthier has notably been invited to appear as a guest soloist with the Alcan Quartet, and collaborates with renowned musicians on the Quebec music scene, including Richard Desjardins and Gilles Vignault, as well as Alexandre Da Costa and Wonny Song, with whom he has performed as a trio since 2008. He is also the Director of the Guitar Faculty at the Lambda School of Fine Arts.

With three musicians of this exceptional calibre, the Guitar Nomads trio has captivated its audiences from the very beginning. In 2010, it appeared at several festivals, bars, and performance halls across Québec. Shows are always a sell-out, and the audience always asks for more. The trio recorded its first CD in 2011.