Bruno Roy

   Photo: Rick.L.Blues

Instrument: Percussions

Bruno Roy was exposed to music at a very early age, as his father was an opera singer and his mother played piano. Bruno began playing the drums when he was eleven years old. Today, Bruno Roy is an accomplished musician and a renowned teacher.

Over the years, Bruno studied with a number of musicians including Camille Belisle at the Université de Montréal, and privately with Peter Magadini and Michel Dupire (snare drum and Brazilian percussion).

A versatile musician, Bruno plays many different musical styles on the drums and percussion, performing with several artists and bands, including Rhythm Club, Power Play, Simcha Orchestra (klezmer), Dawn Tyler Blues Project, Laurence Jalbert, Insolita, Rick L. Blues, Katjar, Marie-Chantal Toupin, Johanne Blouin, Étienne Drapeau, Hugo Lapointe, Le Bloco, and Bacchus, to name but a few. He often accompanies many of these artists at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and has recorded with some of them.

His love of music and teaching led Bruno to work for Jeunesses Musicales of Canada, where he annually appears in hundreds of concerts, workshops, and drum circles in schools and venues throughout Canada. He also leads intensive drum circle sessions at the Lanaudière Music Camp.

Bruno Roy Bruno is sponsored by Sonor (batterie), Vic Firth (drumsticks) and Sabian (cymbals).