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Montreal Public Pianos 2017

Public Pianos in Double Occupancy


From 24 to 27 August, JMC will observe the 4 o-clock mark in music at the public pianos!
Exceptionally as part of this programming, twin pianos will be offered to skilled pianists to make the streets resound with a repertoire made up of favorite works for piano four-hands... and even eight-hands!
Join the fun and enjoy this open-air and completely free programming taking place at the ​placottoir​ located at the junction of Henri-Julien street and Mont-Royal Avenue East.

Thursday, August 24, 2017 -  More Hands, More Notes, More Fun!

Amélie Fortin, Irina Krasnyanskaya, Simon Larivière and Jean-Fabien Schneider, piano
Our Public Pianos programming is off to a grand start! 2 pianos, 4 pianists, 8 hands: assuredly never seen before on Mont-Royal Avenue! Prepare to hear the pianos like you've never heard them. An open-air concert sure to dazzle your senses!

Friday, August 25, 2017  -  Concertos for Soloist and Four-Handed Orchestra

Soloists : Charlotte Layec, clarinet, Thierry Champs, trumpet, and Richard Zheng, violin
Four-handed orchestral reduction: Amélie Fortin and Louise-Andrée Baril, piano

Treat your ears with these excerpts from famous concertos where soloists will be accompanied by a remarkable four-handed orchestra!


Saturday, August 26, 2017 - From Silver Screen to Public Pianos: A Family Concert

Amélie Fortin and Laurence Lambert-Chan, piano
Right before dinnertime, this playful concert will put your musical memory to the test and stir up your childhood nostalgia as you will hear the musical themes of ​Beauty and the Beast​, Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean​, Harry Potter​, Star Wars... and more! An inspired prelude to a movie night!

Sunday, August 27, 2017  -  Four-Handed Favorites

Jeanne Amièle and Simon Larivière, piano
As a conclusion to four days of music, the Amièle-Larivière duo will play with delight a selection of works composed by Mozart, Schubert, Brahms and Debussy and written especially for piano four-hands, all of which have become classics of the genre.  

This project is also a unique chance for JMC to make its twin vocation shine: to make classical music accessible to the widest audience possible and promote young and talented canadian musicians. JMC has prepared a completely FREE programming, for a hot and lively summer at JMC House!



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